The Customer Story that Won an Award

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It’s no secret that we’re customer-obsessed and proud of it. We measure our net promoter score constantly, have feedback loops for employers and individuals alike, and host roundtables and happy hours to listen. 

What comes out of these practices is a better understanding of our impact and how we can improve.

The message we send about Gravie is, we believe, a critical one for improving benefits for employers, employees and individuals. But there’s a twist. Our story of reinventing benefits isn’t Gravie’s story at all. It’s our customers that tell it best.

This was especially true with a customer story that was told through media outlets last year. Check out the article here: 

As a result of this story, we’re proud to announce Gravie was chosen as a Silver Quill award winner at this year’s International Association of Business Communication Heritage conference. [Read more about this event and the award.] 

If you have questions about this story or if you’d like to find out how to you and your employees can have similar success, contact us today.