Now You Can Help Contract Employees Pay for Health Benefits


Hiring contract employees has its advantages. You get flexibility to accommodate fluctuating workloads, you don’t have to face the trauma, expense, and potential legal trouble that can accompany layoffs. You can also enjoy greater efficiency because contract employees bring specialized expertise to the job, and they are usually productive immediately, eliminating the time and cost of training a longer term employee.

In an ideal world your favorite contract employees would stick around, but before you know it, it seems those employees are moving on to their next opportunity. What if you had a competitive advantage that allowed to you recruit and retain the best contract employees? Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. With Gravie, you can now help pay for your contract employees’ health benefits.

I know what you’re thinking. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Gravie offers a versatile solution that works for full-time as well as contract employees. You can offer your contractors the opportunity for coverage every bit as good as what your full-time employees are getting. Gravie can help you set a benefits budget to control costs. Using our Dynamic Financial Analysis that takes into account tax credit eligibility, we help you determine a strategy for allocating a dollar amount to each employee. If your employees are eligible for tax credits, we help them apply and figure it into their dollar allotment. Now you might be wondering, is this legal? And the answer is absolutely. Our solution is compliant with State and Federal law. We stay on top of changing regularity requirements so you can focus on your business. There’s little to no administrative work on your end. Best of all there’s no minimum enrollment requirement and no commitment. Once an employee is ready to leave, you’re no longer responsible for providing money towards their health benefits.

Your contract employees play a vital role in contributing to the success of your businesses. Show them you care. To learn more about Gravie’s solution for contract employees, email us at, call us at 800.501.2920 or tweet us at @gogravie.