New Tip Sheet: 6 Ways Employers Can Reduce Health Insurance Costs


Our new tip sheet, 6 Ways Employers Can Reduce Health Insurance Costs, features valuable information and insights on some of the most popular ways for employers to manage employee health insurance costs.

Download this report to find out which of these cost-saving approaches is right for you: 

  1. Offer a Group Plan with Narrow Network
  2. Create a Spousal “Carve Out” or Surcharge
  3. Negotiate with Your Broker
  4. Modify Your Plan Deductibles/Contribution
  5. Self Fund Your Plan
  6. Send Employees to the Individual Market 

The impact of health benefits on hiring and retention is significant. When employers choose to go a route with predictable and controlled health coverage costs, new opportunities are created. Some employees can begin offering health benefits for the first time, some can redistribute the money saved to things like 401(k) matches, and others can improve employee morale by reducing the employees’ cost burden.

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