The Latest Numbers Are In: How Much Could You Save?


If you’re like a lot of employers, you’ve been experiencing drastic group health plan rate increases over the past couple of years. These rates are only expected to rise, which has many employers wondering if they’ll be able to continue to offer health insurance to their employees. But rest assured, Gravie’s here offering an affordable and efficient solution.

On average, Gravie customers save 33% by transitioning their employees from traditional employer-sponsored group plans to the individual market for health insurance. With Gravie’s help, employers provide additional compensation to their employees that can be used to purchase health insurance in the individual market using our intuitive shopping platform. Switching to the individual market is not only cost effective; it gives employees choice and allows them to pick a plan that suits their unique needs. (Read more about the importance of choice in our post: Are Your Employees Parked in a Group Health Plan Wasteland). In most cases, employees will be able to purchase similar or better coverage than they had before. Best of all, our members love us! 87% say they’d recommend Gravie to friends and family.

Wondering how much you could save by switching to Gravie? Complete our financial analysis worksheet and within two business days, we’ll return your detailed savings report. To find out what’s included in the report, check out our post: Evaluate Your Employee Health Insurance for 2016: The Gravie Financial Analysis.



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