Gravie in the News: The Future of Healthcare, According to Gravie’s CEO


On March 9, Thrive Global published the following interview with Gravie CEO, Abir Sen on  the future of healthcare. In the interview, Sen discusses the problems with the traditional health insurance model and the importance of shifting choice and buying power from the employer to the employee.

“It will come as no surprise to your readers that our healthcare system leaves a lot to be desired. A big part of the problem is that the end user, the consumer, has very little power or say in the system. For most of us in America, our health insurance choices are made by our employers on our behalf. As a result, we get into this crazy situation where the HR department at someone’s company has more say than the individual or their doctor about which hospital they can go to if they get sick, or what drugs they may or may not be prescribed. Gravie, the company I lead and co-founded, changes this…”

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