Gravie in the News: Medical Alley’s For the Record Series Features Gravie’s Executive Chairman


Abir Sen, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Gravie, was featured in Medical Alley’s For the Record series! This series highlights “innovators in the delivery, payment, technology, and policy industries, giving us – and in turn, you – access to diverse perspectives on how healthcare is changing and what lies ahead.”

The interview covers an array of topics, ranging from Abir’s history, to COVID-19, all the way down to some insightful advice on how to relax and decompress.

“Like so many industries, COVID-19 has taken center stage in healthcare. What was going through your head when the gravity of this situation hit you?”

“It became clear to me early on that the healthcare industry was in for some major changes. An obvious change is that we were going to see an accelerated adoption of new technology across payers and providers. This is especially apparent with telemedicine as we move beyond consumer service providers and towards companies enabling infrastructure and back-end processes that create better user experiences.

I also knew that now, more than ever, there must be a focus on providing access to quality healthcare coverage. In many cases, an individual’s health insurance determines their healthcare experience as a whole. I believe we’ll continue to move away from high-deductible health plans, with a focus on benefits people can actually use.”

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