Gravie Guide: Pre-Tax and Post-Tax Employee Benefit Options

bigstock-Business-Person-Present-To-Pro-183694060-1.jpgGravie off ers pre-tax and post-tax employee benefit options for businesses of all sizes. This downloadable guide compares the different options and provides facts employers should consider when determining which approach is right for their business. [Download a printer-friendly version]

How does Gravie help employers offer employee benefits?

When employers partner with Gravie to off er employee benefits, they get assistance setting a benefits strategy and budget. Employers also get a compliant solution that relieves the administrative hassles that come with providing traditional group health benefits.

Employees get access to expert, licensed advisors and an intuitive, web-based shopping platform to help them select their benefits. They also get help year-round with any questions regarding their coverage. Gravie provides a smart tech, human touch approach to benefits that employers and employees love.

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