Gravie CEO & Co-founder Named a Top Person to Know in 2018


Congratulations to our co-founder and CEO, Abir Sen for being named a top person to know in 2018 by Twin Cities Business. Below is an excerpt from the article. 

“Every year at this time, TCB‘s editors and correspondents sit around a big table and ponder who will have the biggest impact on the region’s economy and corporate community in the coming year. Then we whittle the list down to roughly 100 names and group them into categories with an eye to creating a timely “Who’s Who” of Minnesota business and public policy that also serves as a “little black book” of the influencers, thought leaders and key players likely to be making news or driving change in the year ahead.”

The 100 honorees fall into the following categories:

  • Emerging 
  • Make or Break
  • Overachievers
  • Pioneers 
  • Titans 

While we think he’s a top person to know in all the categories listed, TCB placed him in the Pioneers category, which they define as “trailblazers and innovators with a revolutionary role in a company or industry” (read more here). This is fitting as Abir has been pioneering the world of consumer focused health care since he co-founded Definity Health (now a UnitedHealth Group company) back in 1998. 

At Gravie, we’re proud to say, “we know him” :) 

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