Webinar: Gravie’s Private Marketplace for Group Plans


Gravie’s Private Marketplace for Group Plans was born as a result of limited, costly options in the employee benefits space. This new level funded approach offers the best of group insurance, at a fair cost, while providing expanded plan choice for employees. (Get the Gravie Guide.)

With Gravie’s help, employers use the increasingly popular defined contribution strategy to provide additional, tax-free income to employees that can be used to purchase benefits through Gravie’s new marketplace.

Here are a few advantages of Gravie’s Private Marketplace for Group Plans:

  • Defined contribution means cost control for employers.
  • Claims refund opportunity for employers.
  • Seven cost-friendly plan options for employees to choose ranging from comprehensive to catastrophic coverage. All seven plans provide access to broad, national networks.
  • Employers outsource the hassles of benefits administration to Gravie.
  • Employees get access to smart tech, human touch offerings: Gravie Care + web-based benefits management tool

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