Customer Speaks Out: From Health Plan Panic to Confidence


One of our customers, a small business owner in Indiana, was recently featured in multiple news outlets telling her story about how a difficult situation sparked one of the best decisions she’s ever made for her business. Not only did she find a health insurance solution that helped her business’s financial outlook and eliminated stress, but her employees love it too. 

While this business leader has her own goals, challenges and successes, there are parts of her story that are very common themes we hear from employers:

“Group health insurance rates kept rising and rising, much faster than our revenues and profits.

Worse, contracting with group health insurers and managing benefits for employees added expense, distraction and time commitment I couldn’t afford. [My firm] is in the business of marketing, not administering health benefits.

Last year I finally concluded my firm simply could not afford group health insurance any more. What was a gut-wrenching decision then, however, turned out to be one of the best business decisions I have ever made for my company and employees…” (read the full article at

Reading about one of our customer’s triumphs in finding a better solution for her employees’ health benefits brightened our day. We hope this article gives you the script for a positive change as well.

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