Customer Case Study: Lifesprk



With Gravie, This Home Care Agency is Able to Provide Their Diverse Employee Population Personalized Health Benefits

Lifesprk’s mission is to spark the lives of seniors through their proprietary Whole Person Senior Care solution by offering healthcare services that help seniors live longer, healthier, more independent lives. Lifesprk believes it all starts with their people, and providing health insurance to their diverse population is one of the many things Lifesprk does to invest in their employees.

After yet another significant rate increase that pushed their group plan toward becoming unaffordable, Lifesprk decided to reevaluate their benefits offering for the 2017 benefits year. They connected with a Gravie sales representative and learned they could save money and offer their employees more options and better health insurance by switching to Gravie. Lifesprk has been offering health benefits through Gravie ever since.

In addition to the rising costs, Lifesprk’s original group plan didn’t offer their diverse employee population many options. Lifesprk’s caregivers, nurses, therapists, and office staff vary widely in age, family status, and income. They have very different needs when it comes to their health benefits. With Gravie, Lifesprk is able to offer their employees nine different plan options, and their employees get to choose the plan that meets their unique health needs, lifestyle, and budget. Also, Lifesprk already has employees in multiple states and with plans to replicate nationally, and they needed an insurance offering that could provide local network providers in communities across the country.

Lifesprk is also unique in that over 200 of their employees are from outside of the United States. These employees are less familiar with the already complicated health insurance system and need more guidance and support when navigating the topic. The Gravie Care Team has been an asset in helping these employees choose, manage, and use their health benefits, and, as a result, the number of benefits-related questions directed at Lifesprk’s Human Resources team has been reduced. “We see Gravie Care as a valuable service,” said Sarah, Human Resource Generalist for Lifesprk.

Partnering with Gravie has helped Lifesprk:

  • Provide benefits support to their diverse employee population
  • Manage health benefit costs
  • Offer employees better health insurance

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