Control Costs in 2016 With These New Year’s Resolutions


It’s almost 2016, and that means ushering in the time-honored tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. That brings all sorts of potential commitments to mind but, as an employer, a top priority may be controlling costs for your company and your employees.

Here are three cost-controlling resolutions Gravie can help you make—and keep:

Save Money

Individual plans are often less expensive than traditional group plans, saving employers an average of 36% on employee health insurance costs. Plus, dropping your traditional plan could save some of your employees even more money as they may qualify for government tax credits that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them with a group plan. Gravie’s easy-to-use tools will help you determine if—and how much—money individual plans will save your organization.

Eliminate Hassle

Gravie will help your employees with their healthcare plans, so you can focus on your business. No more annual renewals, open enrollment meetings, endless rate increases, and dealing with insurance companies. We even manage money and payments. You decide how much money you’ll provide your employees and we take care of getting it to their insurance companies.

Offer a Better Experience

By going through the individual market, Gravie provides your employees with more options than what’s available through a traditional group plan. Your employees also have our year-round support online or over the phone. More choices. Personalized help. Better peace of mind.

Maybe you think that you’re already behind the eight ball for cost containment in 2016 because you’ve renewed your group plan. Think again! You may not know this, but you can drop your group health plan at any time. Maybe your existing group plan is your best bet, but it’s not too late to explore your other options.