A Few Reasons Why We’re Thankful


For many of us, Thanksgiving means a four-day weekend, football, family, and turkey with all the fixings. At Gravie, we love this time of year; partially because we’re named after a traditional Thanksgiving food, but mostly because it reminds us of all that we’re thankful for. Here’s what we’re thankful for this year:

Our Members

Our members are the reason we show up for work every day. We measure our success through our customer’s satisfaction (check out this post on our member Barbara). We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a quality shopping experience and personalized customer service. Additionally, we’re always working to meet the growing and changing needs of our members. 

Our Employer Customers

While our employer customers span a wide range of industries and vary in size and location, they share some common traits. They’re forward thinkers with progressive views about how they offer competitive benefits. When things began to shift in the healthcare industry, they didn’t settle for what has always been. They opted for a new, better way to offer their employees benefits and we’re thankful that they put their trust in Gravie. (Turns our they’re happy they did too! Check out our Employer Success Stories – Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.)

Our Investors

Without the support of Aberdare VenturesFirstMark CapitalBrightstoneSplit Rock Partners, and Securian Gravie may have never come to be. They believed in us from the start and they continue to believe in us as we adapt and continue to thrive in the ever-changing climate of the healthcare industry. 

Our Employees 

Our employees are authentic, creative, curious, and goal oriented. (Read more about that comes to life here.) But most of all, our employees are kind and always willing to go the extra mile for our members, for our employer customers and for each other. (Read about our No Jerk Policy  and other core values here.) 

Our Referral Partners and Trusted Advisors  

Our referral partners and trusted advisors have been key components to our success. Whether they’re actively looking for a solution for a client or simply recommend us because they’re passionate about we do, we appreciate it and understand the value in their validation. 

If you’re interested in Gravie for your business, contact us today. If you know a business that might be a good fit, refer an employer here