Updated 2017 eBook: A Better Health Benefit for Employers & Employees

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It’s hard for employers not to get frustrated with traditional benefits; they’re costly, they require a hefty amount of administration, and more often than not, they leave employees with limited plan choices. The good news is there are other options available.

Gravie is an approach to benefits that removes employers from the process of selecting health insurance for employees. Instead, employers can provide additional compensation to their employees that can be used to buy health insurance and other benefits, such as vision insurance, dental insurance, supplemental medical insurance, life insurance, and HSAs. With Gravie, your employees will have more plan and network options than they’ve ever had along with year-round benefits support from our licensed Gravie advisors. 

How exactly does it work? We put together an informative Gravie 101 eBook that explains the process and what makes Gravie a better benefit for both employers and employees.

Interested in reducing costs and administrative burdens while providing competitive employee benefits?Email us at info@gravie.com, call us at 844.540.8701, or tweet us at @gogravie.