Offer your clients the health plan of the future — and make this your best open enrollment season yet

Past webinar 09/20/2023

About this webinar

Offer your clients the health plan of the future — and make this your best open enrollment season yet.

With open enrollment on the horizon, the time is now to start winning your clients’ hearts – and business – all over again. The best way to do this? Deliver health plans that employers can count on and employees can love.
At Gravie, we offer benefits that deliver more value while helping people save money. You could call it the health plan of the future. We call it Comfort®.

At Gravie, we offer health benefits you can actually use.

Comfort® is the first-of-its-kind health plan that provides zero deductible, zero copays, and 100% coverage on most common healthcare services — from day one — all at a cost comparable to traditional group health plans.

  • Employers love Comfort: they’re saving an average of 15% when switching over
  • Employees love Comfort: they’re getting 85% of healthcare encounters covered at no cost, and spending $98 less per month on out-of-pocket expenses

And with 93% of employers renewing each year, it’s easy to see why Comfort has been quickly growing to be a favorite of health benefits brokers across the U.S.

Learn how you can offer your clients something that they – and their employees – will love.

Join us on Wednesday, September 20, for a 45-minute webinar about how Comfort helps people get more care while saving them money.

We’ll share insights and statistics, plus some proven tips for how to show your clients that with Comfort, there really is something different – and better – out there.

The catch? There is no catch. Reserve your spot for the webinar today to learn how.

Reserve your spot for the webinar today.

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