Who is Gravie?

Gravie Administrative Services LLC is a licensed Third Party Administrator that administers self-funded medical plans for employers. Benefits are administered through Gravie with primary and regional leased networks through Aetna, Cigna, and PHCS/Multiplan.

Provider self-service portal and resources

Click here for self-service resources to review the claims you’ve submitted to us or look up a member’s eligibility.

For instructions on how to register on the Provider Portal, click here.

Other important network resources?

Aetna Network Resources

Aetna Network Claims:

When submitting a claim to Gravie,  please submit it to your clearing house using Payer ID GRV01.  Gravie uses Change Healthcare as our clearing house and this Payer ID became active as of 10/1/22.  If you are not seeing the GRV01 Payer ID as an option, please request that your clearing house connect with Change Healthcare to confirm this Payer ID and add it to their list.  By following this process you will be able to continue to submit electronic claims to Gravie for timely processing and payment if applicable.

If you are unable to have the GRV01 Payer ID updated with your clearing house, please submit a manual paper claim through the address shown on your patient’s ID card.  If you have any questions, please contact a Gravie Advocate at 877.684.3984.

Case Management/Utilization Management (CM/UM) for a member on the Aetna network will be handled by American Health Holdings (AHH).  Some important resources are below:

AHH phone numbers: 800.641.3224 – CM, 833.462.0102 – UM

AHH Pre-certification request form: Click here to view the request form

AHH fax phone numbers: 866.353.6508 – CM, 866.881.9643 – UM

If you have questions about what needs pre-certification, please contact us.

Cigna Network Resources

If you have questions about what needs pre-certification, or if you need to submit one, please contact us.

How do I get in touch?

For benefits, eligibility, and claims status call Provider Services: