Transparency in Coverage

How does Gravie support the July 1, 2022, Transparency in Coverage deadline?

Gravie is committed to helping our self-funded clients navigate phase 1 of Transparency in Coverage rules by making machine-readable files (MRFs) containing health plan pricing information available. By July 1, 2022, sponsors of self-funded plans must make MRFs publicly accessible on their website by posting a link to the files prepared by the insurer/TPA.

For Gravie plans, a link containing the machine-readable files is provided and maintained by our partner, PreferredOne. The MRFs disclose details about in-network and out-of-network rates for covered items and services. The information is generally intended to be useful to third parties, such as journalists, researchers, and app developers.

The July 1 deadline marks a first step toward enabling the public to better understand and compare healthcare costs, and additional Transparency in Coverage rules will go into effect in 2023 and beyond.

Required action for plan sponsors offering self-funded or level-funded Gravie health plans:

On or before July 1, 2022, copy the following link and post it to your public website. You can decide where on your site you’d like to feature the link, but it should not be password protected or hard to locate.

We recommend including the following language:

Follow this link to access machine-readable files (MRFs) that are made available in response to federal Transparency in Coverage rules. The MRFs contain pricing information about covered items and services, and are formatted to allow third parties to access and analyze the data.

The link above will be updated on July 1, 2022 to include the MRFs. You only need to add this to your public website once —  the link will remain constant and lead to the most up-to-date files maintained by PreferredOne.