Member Services Quality & Reporting Analyst

TTo apply curiosity and creativity to our member contacts and processes to ensure members say, 'Wow!' I collect and analyze information and evaluate our contacts to help improve our service across our teams. You'll know what to expect when you call Gravie, regardless of how you contact us or who responds, you'll experience friendliness and excellence.

What are you interested in outside of work?

Being a dad, helping my kids grow, leading by example, and making fun memories that will last them a lifetime. I'm easy to spot at kids birthday parties, as I'm the tallest one eating at the kids table and playing tag. I like a lot of things but among my favorites are being outside, building things, philosophy, astronomy, music, video games, antiques, architecture, and psychology.

If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and why?

A Rubik's Cube as a reminder that no one is two-dimensional and you have to look at people and situations from different perspectives. Although there are only 26 blocks, there are over 43 quintillion possible combinations - so always stay curious.