Webinar | November 2 | 12:00PM CT

The broker's guide to OE 2023: core strategies to make this your best Open Enrollment yet

Another OE season is upon us – and with it, the annual scramble to attract new business while retaining existing customers. Brokers are continually seeking better ways to deliver what existing and potential customers want: better coverage paired with cost savings.

This year, the landscape looks different: the economic recession has hit many hard, the pandemic continues to complicate lives in many ways, and there’s been a collective seachange in priorities, lifestyle habits, and overall approach to physical and mental health. With health benefits, competition increased and  new federal regulations have been introduced – and on top of that, customers also want more than ever before.

Fortunately, there’s a way for all these challenges to be translated into a new set of opportunities. 

At Gravie, we created Comfort, an innovative health plan that’s thrilling employers and employees nationwide. Comfort provides 100% coverage on most common healthcare services at a cost comparable to traditional group health plans. And Comfort continues to get better. This enrollment season, Gravie health plan members will get access to a suite of services that aim to further reduce claims costs, improve health outcomes and improve their overall experience at no additional cost.

This November 2nd, please join Gravie sales manager Wes Prince in a webinar revealing how you can leverage the latest customer needs and health benefit trends to make this open enrollment a success for your business — while setting yourself up for maximum retention in the years ahead too. Topics covered will include:

We hope you’ll join us on November 2nd!

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