Lessons Learned from a Successful Summer Intern Program: What Interns Taught Us


It’s back-to-school season for students across the country, which means it’s also the end of the Gravie summer internship program. As a part of the program wrap-up, each of our three interns presented some of what they learned during their time here to the whole company. We’d like to thank them for the hard work in their internship time at Gravie, and for teaching us a few things along the way:


Jumping in to a fast-paced place like Gravie, where we’re moving fast to improve the customer experience and provide better options can be daunting. Picking up on things quickly means asking good questions, making sure you understand the answers, and not hesitating to take action.

Fresh Point of View

Even though this summer’s internship cohort is early in their professional lives, they showed us all that a fresh point of view can be helpful to understand where our customers are coming from. It’s good to keep focused on breaking down complex health benefits jargon to help non-experts understand how it all works. Getting input from college-aged students on how services, products, and processes are described gave us a whole new generation of insight.

Positive Persistence

Making meaningful change a reality in health benefits takes strategic thinking, collaboration, and hard work. This class of interns demonstrated this type of positive persistence in their interactions across multiple functions in the company. Their drive to learn more, understand better, and contribute to better customer outcomes reminded us the power of staying focused on goal ahead.

We’ll miss having this summer class of interns around, but we believe that for all that these students learned from Gravie, we’ve learned some valuable lessons as well.

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