What Happens To My HR Department When We Work With Gravie?

When you decide to drop your group health insurance plan and go with individual health insurance and Gravie, one of your first questions may be, “How will this change affect my HR department?” 

Whether you’re a company with an HR team or a small business with one person managing all HR-related duties (often the business owner), working with Gravie will bring changes to the HR function. Gravie frees you and your HR department of the administrative hassle that comes with providing healthcare coverage – time and effort, and the associated costs of both.

But while Gravie helps eliminate much of the burden of administering health benefits (like open enrollment meetings, dealing with annual rate renewals, answering employees’ ongoing questions, and so on), your HR people shouldn’t worry about their jobs. Not only will they maintain their other HR responsibilities, they would also likely be the ones to work most closely with Gravie.

During the onboarding process, for example, a Gravie account manager will work with you to get all the necessary bases covered for making the switch to Gravie. After the onboarding is complete, your Gravie account manager will have regular contact with the person or people filling your HR function, providing status reports and invoices, and, of course, answering any questions you might have throughout the year.

Perhaps the best part of working with Gravie for your HR team is it allows them to refocus resources being spent administering health insurance to more important things, like employee recruitment, training and development, and employee retention. 

Does this answer your questions about Gravie and your HR department? If you have others, call us at 844.540.8701, fill out our employer form, or tweet us @gogravie.