What Gen Z Wants Out of Their Health Benefits


The earliest members of a new generation, Generation Z, have officially arrived in the workforce. File away everything you’ve learned about millennials and benefits, because Gen Z is different than any generation that’s come before them.

Born in 1995 or later, one of the most distinct characteristics of Gen Z is that they’re the first generation to be born in a digital world. This alone has had a ripple effect on how they access care, their benefit preferences, and how they use their health insurance.

Access and Utilization

This generation of digital natives is transforming the traditional channels of accessing and receiving health care. One eye-opening study found that Gen Z is less likely than their parents and grandparents to find value in the traditional healthcare ecosystem. In fact, only a little over half of Gen Zers have a primary care physician (compared to 84 percent of baby boomers).

While they may be utilizing traditional care models less, Gen Z has been quick to embrace virtual healthcare and wellness services. One study found an overwhelming 92 percent of Gen Z and millennials said they wanted full, two-way electronic communication with their provider. While baby boomers and previous generations might have been wary to discuss private health issues online, Gen Z are generally more interested in convenience and have less skepticism or fears concerning data privacy.

Participating in a plan that facilitates telemedicine and convenience will be critical for Gen Z workers. Smart providers are considering ways to improve user experiences and engage the digitally-inclined throughout their member experience. For example, Gravie offers an online shopping experience that streamlines the plan selection process with help from advisors. Online support is available year round through Gravie’s portal, where individuals can access their claims and even ask an advisor questions about bills or coverage. And plans include online care and behavioral wellness support, virtual fitness programming, and more resources that can be accessed through the click of a button.

Benefit Preferences

Perhaps more than ever before, Gen Z is seeking personalization when it comes to their health benefits. Raised on FitBits, 23&Me, and websites like WebMD, this generation knows a lot more about their health than those in the past. As a result, they’re more likely than any other generation to go beyond traditional Western medicine when it comes to wellness. They want access to alternative, customizable benefits that will help them pursue more holistic health, including sleep, nutrition, mental health, and naturopathic medicine options. Selecting a benefits program that prioritizes this type of flexibility and personalization will be key to satisfying your organization’s youngest workers.

Companies that Listen

Growing up in the digital, data-driven world, GenZ has been marketed to and served in increasingly personalized ways. They are used to companies watching their behavior and expect brands to know and utilize the data they have about their consumers to improve experiences, tailor their communications, and provide better products or services throughout their relationship. Consumer-centric health insurance providers will come out on top with this generation as they listen to their interests, identify the services that members most need or want, and make those services easier to access or utilize. Innovative companies like Gravie are doing this by leveraging their consumer claims data and plan preferences to create new insurance products that better reflect what individuals actually use and want when it comes to health benefits.

Health Insurance Services

Gen Z wants their insurance information to be transparent and easy to use and understand. Health benefits that allow them to access their data and information in real-time will win them over. When it comes to receiving support, Gen Z also prefers to talk to someone via online chat assistance versus calling a member services representative. Previous generations might have taken more of a backseat approach to how they receive and utilize their healthcare benefits, but Generation Z refuses to do so. With an expectation for convenience, transparency, flexibility, and simplicity, Gen Z promises to be a disruptive force in the healthcare ecosystem—all without even needing to enter their provider’s waiting room.

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