Webinar for Employers: Goodbye to Group Health Insurance, Hello to a New Way


If you’re like many of the employers we speak with, you’ve found yourself wondering if there’s a better way to provide health benefits to your employees. The hassle of managing group plans, understanding complex regulations and coping with rising costs make for a frustrating process. 

growing group of employers have found a better solution. They’ve moved away from traditional group health plans and made the switch to the individual market. They’ve chosen the Gravie way.

To find out why, join us for a webinar to learn about how employers are charting a new course by offering employee health benefits in the individual market. In this free webinar, you will see: 

  • Success stories from businesses that have eliminated the worst pain points from their employee health benefits
  • Industry trends and regulations that have made the individual health insurance market an attractive and affordable option – and how to take advantage of it 
  • The blueprint for how you and your employees can turn the health insurance crisis into opportunity

Join us for educational content and a live Q&A to learn about a solution to a pressing problem for many employers:

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Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Time: 12:00 PM Central Standard Time

Duration: 1 hour, including live Q&A