A New GIG: Introducing the Gravie Insider Group


At Gravie, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that keeping our members happy reduces churn, increases customer lifetime value, promotes referrals (click here to learn how you can earn $100 – $500 Visa gift card), and sets Gravie apart from other alternatives. For these reasons and more, we formed the Gravie Insiders Group, otherwise known as GIG.

GIG is made up of roughly 250 Gravie members that span a variety of demographics. These members provide valuable information related to our current products & services, prospective products and services, our shopping experience, our website, our concierge services, and so much more. We collect feedback from GIG members through email surveys, phone interviews and in-person feedback sessions. These insights are then used to improve the overall Gravie experience, including the products and services we offer. As we continue to improve, our GIG helps us stay on the right track. 

In addition to GIG, we focus on our Net Promoter Score (NPS) and whether or not our members would recommend us to friends and/or family as means to measure customer satisfaction. In case you were wondering, we score well in both categories with an NPS score of 79 (for comparison’s sake, the iphone has an NPS score of 63) and 87% of our members would recommend us to friends and/or family. Additionally, we conduct interviews with our members and share their stories in our Humans of Gravie series.

At Gravie, keeping our customers happy is vital to our success. If you’re interested in joining a group of passionate individuals committed to contributing to the future of Gravie, please complete this quick survey (it only takes 1-2 minutes!). As a GIG member, you’ll get sneak peeks into to new features with Beta testing opportunities and exclusive feedback sessions. Contact us today with any questions!