The Best Gift For Your Employees This Year

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It’s that time of year again. For many of us, our days are spent celebrating with family and friends, reflecting on the year, as well as giving and receiving gifts. Sounds perfectly pleasant. Unfortunately, most of us have also had the experience of getting the gift – the fruitcake, the gaudy sweater, the tasteless jewelry – that creates awkwardness or hurt feelings.

Picking the perfect gift isn’t easy. Christmas carols highlight all sorts of unexpected gift ideas – hippopotamuses and two front teeth to name a few. The holidays are all fun and games until somebody doesn’t get what they had on their wish list.At Gravie, we see the same effect with our employer customers. While employee benefits aren’t considered “gifts,” they are valuable to employees. But choosing benefits that meet everyone’s needs is challenging and often times impossible. It’s a task that a growing number of business leaders have chosen to get out of. (Read more about this in our post: Are Your Employees Parked in a Group Health Plan Wasteland).

These employers have decided to use the Gravie model to empower employees to make their own benefit choices. Unlike with traditional benefits, employees get to choose from many plan options and get personalized support when they need it from licensed Gravie advisors.

In other words, it’s like Gravie members visit a health benefits shopping center and have a personal shopping assistant by their side. This helps members use their budget wisely and make sure the right prescription drugs are covered and they have access to the doctors and clinics they want. 

As the old saying goes, “it’s better to give than to receive,” and that’s true. When it comes to health benefits, give your employees what they really want this year – the gift of choice.

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