We Are Going To Do What? Talking To Employees About Changing Health Benefits

As someone who’s evaluated all of your employee health insurance options and found the one that makes the most sense for your company, you may be a little leery about the reaction you’ll get from employees. Change can be hard, even if for the best.

In Gravie’s case, employees are often used to their employers managing their health coverage. They may be unsure about what taking you out of the health insurance equation means for them. 

Here are some talking points we recommend our clients use to help employees understand and embrace Gravie:

  • We chose Gravie because it makes sense for you and for the company. Everyone benefits when we have more options, better coverage and lower costs.
  • You’ll have better coverage options with plans that meet your family’s specific needs. You’re not limited to the same one-size-fits-all group plans we’ve historically offered; with Gravie, the plan is picked by you, for you. Gravie advisors are unbiased experts who help you select the best plan.
  • Your monthly payment will typically be less expensive. The monthly payment of a company-sponsored plan is usually based on the health needs of a small “pool” of people; in the individual market the monthly payment is based on a much larger pool, so the costs are usually less. 
  • You’ll get all the help you need from Gravie advisors. Advisors are available year-round to remove obstacles. No issue is too big or too small: you’ll get answers to questions like, “Is this doctor in my network?,” “Where’s the nearest urgent care?,” “How much will this procedure cost?,” “Is there a cheaper drug option?” and “Why was my claim denied?” Gone are the days of going to HR to ask these sometimes-personal questions.
  • You’ll have access to government tax credits that can reduce your monthly payment even more. Gravie will help you determine if you’re eligible and even help you apply.
  • Added bonus? You won’t have to share any personal information about your health with anyone at work!

Gravie account managers will do an onboarding session with your team where we explain the process of getting started and answer employees’ questions and concerns, so you’re not on your own to get buy-in. 

One final word for the leery: relax. Gravie members gave us a net promoter score (NPS) of +63%. This is considered the most valuable and predictive measure of customer loyalty, based on customers answering one simple question: How likely are you to recommend Gravie to a friend or family member? To put this in perspective, the health insurance industry average in 2013 was -2%, Apple’s iPhone has an NPS of +66% and Amazon +64%.

Want guidance in introducing employees to Gravie? We’re eager to help in any way we can – call 844.540.8701 or fill out our contact form here. You’ll be glad you did.