Reinventing Employee Benefits: Who and Why?


At Gravie, we think about our customers a lot and it shows. Since we’re helping employers reinvent and redefine how they provide benefits to their employees, we aim to connect with organizations that are a fit. While there’s no such thing as a single “type” of Gravie customer – we have employers with a single employee to hundreds of employees, across many industries and locations – we have identified some common traits:

They are open to change

The Gravie model of defined contribution employee benefits means a change for the better – but a change nonetheless – and in many cases, this change means dropping an existing group health plan. Our customers are ready to adapt to a better way of managing employee benefits and break away from the status quo. To put it simply: they’re ready, willing and open for change.

They care about their employees, but don’t need to act like their parents

Our employer customers often have the best intentions and high standards when it comes to making sure their employees have the best benefits possible. But until they found Gravie, they were stuck playing to the average. Now they put the benefits choices in the employees’ control. This means employees can shop from many more options to find benefits that fit their specific needs.

Cost matters, but it’s not the only thing 

It’s a fact that our customers do often save money when they adopt the Gravie model (on average 33%). But when we ask employers why they chose Gravie, their answers usually aren’t just dollars and cents. Many make the switch to have a more consistent, predictable budget for benefits, rather than waiting for a group plan rate change that can blindside their budget. 

They are tired of the administrative work involved with benefits

Customers that seek out Gravie often do so because they are tired of their existing group plan and feel stuck. They also want to focus on what matters to their organization, rather than keeping up with ACA regulations, understanding penalties and working through tax implications. They see a move to Gravie as a way to get out from under that administrative burden, while still making sure their employees are well taken care of. 

An employer doesn’t need to have all these traits to be a great fit for Gravie. In fact, some of our happiest customers have only one or two. So, if any of these sound familiar in your organization, it’s time to take a closer look.

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