Press Release: Expanding Choice and Affordability, Gravie Announces a New Group Option

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Hot off the press! Gravie, provider of reinvented health benefits, today announced the addition of their new private marketplace for group plans. The new group option was born as a result of limited, costly options in the traditional employee benefits space. Gravie wanted to provide employers a new solution that offered the best of group insurance, at a fair cost, while providing expanded plan choice for employees. [Get the Gravie Guide.]

Here’s how it works – with additional tax-free income from their employer, employees access Gravie’s Private Marketplace for Group Plans to purchase benefits. There are seven cost-friendly plans to choose from ranging from comprehensive to catastrophic coverage. All seven plans provide access to broad, national networks.

This new group marketplace will be one of three employee benefit options available through Gravie for Open Enrollment 2018. Since their founding in 2013, Gravie’s core offering has been their marketplace for individuals and families, offering the best of the individual market to consumers as well as employees. In 2018, Gravie is also partnering with employers who want to continue to offer their current group plan, but want to take advantage of Gravie’s smart tech, human touch offerings.

With each of their employee benefits options, Gravie provides access to a web-based platform that allows employees to shop for, enroll in and manage their benefits, including health, dental, vision, life, and more. Being a Gravie member also means access to Gravie Care – free, year-round benefits support from licensed experts. 

Gravie is committed to providing an adaptive approach to better benefits. As the legislative landscape changes, and as employees’ and employers’ needs evolve, Gravie will continue to offer innovative solutions.

About Gravie
With smart technology and a human touch, Gravie is reinventing health benefits, making them easier and more affordable for employers and employees. Founded in 2013, Gravie today serves over 900 employers and over 62,000 individuals across the United States.

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