Jerron’s Explanation Behind Gravie’s Benefits Buffet


Jerron is an account manager at Gravie where he helps employers manage their employee benefits. In his free time, Jerron enjoys hanging out with his wife, following University of Louisville sports, indulging in sushi, and sipping on Kentucky Bourbon. Jerron is known around the office for having the best (and usually hilarious) Gravie analogies. Here’s Jerron’s take on how Gravie is just like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Bon appetite! 

When I explain how Gravie works to an employer and their employees, sometimes I compare it to a trip to the buffet. Start by picturing a buffet with every type of food you can imagine. We’re talking Mexican, Italian, Asian, Indian, whatever you like. At first, you may be overwhelmed, but once you realize there’s a method to narrowing down the options and that you have guidance from the wait staff, the abundance of choice might actually be exhilarating. 

This is similar to how individuals shop for and buy health insurance through Gravie. Unlike with traditional group benefits, individuals have options with Gravie. By accessing Gravie’s online shopping platform, and with help from Gravie’s licensed advisors, they can get custom-fit benefits that meet their unique needs.

Now back to that glorious buffet. Let’s say you’re craving a main course. What to choose? There’s prime rib, fried chicken, lasagna, enchiladas and more. Each dish has ingredients and preparation that fits a certain appetite. Finding the right one means a satisfying, delicious experience. This also holds true with health insurance. Matching the right coverage, design and cost to your preferences – like a trusted doctor or convenient clinic – means a better fit and experience. Having confidence that you’ve made the right choice is satisfying too. 

Now let’s fill up your plate. You may decide on the New York strip because it will satisfy your craving for steak, but you don’t want to stop there. Maybe you’ve got your eye on asparagus or a baked potato to pair with your steak. This is similar to the ancillary products offered through Gravie. Say you pick a silver level plan because it meets most of your needs; you may also opt to open an HSA account to help cover expenses. You’re in control, with expert help.

And last, but not least (drumroll please) … dessert. Wouldn’t chocolate cake, a scoop of ice cream or if you want to get fancy, crème brulee, make the perfect ending to a steak dinner? At Gravie we have “dessert” too. We offer additional ancillary products like dental insurance, vision insurance and life insurance to sweeten the deal. Whether you skip dessert or pick multiple sweets is up to you. (We won’t judge!) Jerron_S.png

So there you have it! Gravie is a buffet of options with tools to help individuals put together their perfect plate of benefits no matter what their appetite or craving. 

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Jerron Smith, Account Manager & Buffet Specialist