Gravie in the News: Vator’s Invent Health Panel Recap


Last week, Gravie’s CEO, Abir Sen, sat on Vator’s Invent Health Panel—”Healthcare Insurance Big Picture”.

The discussion covered insights into the major problems with the health insurance industry and innovative ideas surrounding ways to lower costs, ways to empower individuals to be better consumers of health services, and the impact consumer choice could play in reinventing the industry. Want to learn more about the event? Click here.

Gravie is featured in the Vator’s recap of the event!

On November 20, 2019, Vator posted a recap of the Invent Health Panel, featuring part of Gravie’s involvement in the discussion.

“Last week, Vator, UCSF Health Hub and HP held their latest salon called The Future of Health Insurance, in which insurance company executives, entrepreneurs and investors got together to discuss what’s happening in the industry and what needs to change.

One of the big themes of the night involved the consumer, their role in the insurance industry, but also how to best put some of the power back in their hands so that they can make better choices for themselves. Not surprisingly, it was the up-and-coming insurance disruptors that championed this change.”

Read the full recap here!

On November 21, 2019, Vator posted another article detailing the question, “Are patients equipped to handle their own health insurance? And do they even want to?”

“At The Future of Health Insurance, the latest healthcare salon held by Vator, UCSF Health Hub and HP, one topic of conversation that came up was how to empower consumers to take more control over their healthcare, and their insurance benefits.

While that sounds great in theory (of course the member should have more control over their own insurance!) that’s easier said than done, and it raises big questions: are consumers equipped to take over this aspect of their lives? Do they understand insurance benefits enough to make informed choice? More importantly, do they even want to have that responsibility?”

Read the full article here!