Gravie in the News: Insurance Marketplace Puts the ‘Gravie’ on top of Health Benefits

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On Tuesday, October 9, Employee Benefit News (EBN) published the following article on Gravie. For the piece, EBN interviewed two Gravie customers: Jeff Nordeen, partner at NordicClick, a digital marketing agency and Kathy Hollenhorst, president and CEO of Creatis, a creative staffing company. The also interviewed Gravie CEO and co-founder, Abir Sen. As always, we’re excited to make the news. Employee benefits have become unaffordable and unmanageable for many businesses and employers should know they have options. 

“For Jeff Nordeen, co-founder and partner of the digital marketing agency NordicClick Interactive, switching his 20-person company to independent health insurance marketplace Gravie made sense.

Prior to signing up for the service, Nordeen found himself taking on the role of the benefits manager and HR executive, spending hours discussing insurance with brokers and regularly fielding employee questions that he was ill equipped to answer. He also frequently saw large increases in health insurance costs year to year, and he struggled to control spending.

“At a company size of 20, we really don’t have the ability to have a full-time HR and benefits person. It just doesn’t make sense,” he says.

Across the board, employers of all sizes are struggling to manage their healthcare coverage costs, according to a report from PwC’s Health Research Institute. Small businesses, like the Minneapolis-based NordicClick, suffer from a lack of buying power compared with larger firms and they tend to pay about 18% more for the same health insurance policy, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Nordeen says making the decision to switch to Gravie, pronounced like “gravy,” was inspired by offering his employees more freedom to pick their health plans than it was about cost savings, although it has helped him control his costs…”

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