Going the extra mile with Gravie Care

TCC Gravie Care Story

Gravie Care is There for You

When employees choose their health benefits through Gravie, they get Gravie Care, a dedicated team of experts available to help members compare plan options, enroll in coverage, use their plans, and answer benefits questions throughout the year. But Gravie Care is not your typical customer service hotline, as a group of members in Texas learned recently.

When severe winter storms swept through Texas in February, millions of homes and businesses were left without power – leading to devastating conditions, multiple deaths, food and water shortages, and critical road and business closures. In the midst of all this, the team at Gravie found out that one of their customers based in Texas was forced to shut down temporarily.

Gravie Care’s Proactive Approach

Once our Gravie Care team heard the news, they came together to figure out ways to help. They could not sit on the sidelines and watch the devastation on the news while knowing their customers were at risk. This company has over 200 employees, many of whom rely on daily prescriptions for their health and wellness needs. The urgent question our team asked was, “What if the pharmacies near these individuals are closed, and what happens when they can’t get the medication they need?”

Our Gravie team went into action and pulled a list of the company’s members who have regular prescriptions and called several pharmacies around the state, identifying the mere seven that remained open through the storm. Then, they made 70 phone calls to those employees to make sure they knew where they could go if they needed their prescription filled during that challenging time.

These days, it feels like crises are happening more and more often, and stepping up in those difficult times – and in the everyday – is so important to providing exceptional service and care. That’s why Gravie’s customer-first health plans make all the difference.

Not all member services departments are created equal. At Gravie, customer service means proactively taking care of members and helping navigate the complex world of health coverage, whether during a crisis or everyday living.

We’re continuing to shift the story that many have told about their healthcare experiences, from one of frustration, waiting on hold, jumping through endless phone trees, to a reality where your health benefits plan team is watching the weather, anticipating what challenges you may have getting your needed care, and proactively calling to make sure you get the resources you need.

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