I’m An Employer: How Do We Get Started With Gravie?


Once you’ve decided that Gravie is a good option for your employees’ health insurance – one that’s a win-win for both you and your employees – there are just a few steps to take prior to it being implemented. The first is to talk to the Gravie team to get any of your remaining program and process questions answered. Then we’ll help you do the following:

  • Determine the termination date of your group plan (if you have one in place). You can cancel your group plan at any time during the year – not just at renewal.
  • Finalize the amount of money you’ll give employees each month as additional compensation, and define your participation policies including employee termination, handling of employer-provided money, new hires, etc.
  • Complete the Gravie master service agreement.
  • Complete the employee roster. This gives us the information we need for each employee being covered to help them enroll and communicate with them about important deadlines.
  • Host an all-employee kickoff meeting led by Gravie. This will help employees understand and embrace what you’re doing, answer their questions, and assure them they’ll have all the help they need, year-round.
  • Begin communicating with employees. We’ll email your employees about what they need to get started and how our advisors are there to help. We can also provide tools like flyers, posters, table tents, and brochures to help you communicate with your employees.

After you complete the above steps, Gravie’s website and support opens for your employees. Employees can begin shopping for a plan, with all of the information about how much money you’re providing already factored into the plan costs. But don’t fret; they don’t go at this alone. Gravie advisors help your employees shop for and manage their plans (learn more here).

You—as an employer—aren’t on your own, either; Gravie account managers help you through every step of the process and they’re always available to answer your questions.

To learn more about the process of implementing Gravie or about the employees’ experience with Gravie, call us at 844.540.8701, fill out our employer form, or tweet us @gogravie.