Feeling a Benefits Hangover? You’re Not Alone


Headache. Anxiety. Heartburn. Feelings of regret.

No, we’re not talking about the day after a few too many green beers or corned beef and cabbage, what you might be feeling is a benefits hangover.

If you’ve recently gone through a renewal and are feeling a little queasy, you aren’t alone. Many employers go through the same cycle year in, year out. You brace yourself for renewal sticker shock, look at fairly limited plan options with your broker and pull every lever you can to end up with the right mix of burden on you and your employees.

Then you commit and pass along the news to your employees, hoping nobody gets left out in the cold. 

While there’s no medically proven cure for a regular hangover, many employers are finding that they don’t have to wake up feeling bad after making a benefits decision. They’ve found that making the transition away from the group plan model to the individual market just makes more sense. Here’s why:

1. No More anxiety or heartburn about costs

When you switch to the individual market using Gravie’s platform and advisors, you set your budget. Employers save 33% on average and employees come out ahead too.

2. No more headaches understanding and administering the plan

You’re an expert when it comes to your business, not the constantly changing regulations and penalties of the health insurance system. Gravie’s account management team will make sure you’re 100% compliant today and in the future.

3. No more regret that you’ve made a bad choice

By sending your employees to the individual market, you put the power of choice in their hands. This means they can pick the plan that’s best for their specific situation, with the help of our licensed expert advisors and intuitive shopping tools.

Even if you’ve recently renewed, now is the right time to learn more about Gravie’s cure for the health benefits hangover, contact us today or download the ebook below.