Exceeding Customer Expectations—Every Time


It’s not every day you have an experience that you expect to be mundane, but turns out remarkable. But what if a business instilled that into every customer interaction?

Living in Minnesota means that in the fall it’s a good idea to get the furnace checked out before you need it. Last week my wife and I called Uptown Heating and Cooling to do just that.

After an uneventful inspection, the service person was finishing up and mentioned their “Honey-do List” policy. It means that at the end of every on-site service, they ask the customer if there is anything else they can do around the house. Anything!

The service person explained that because it is explicitly designed to be above and beyond the call of duty, it means all sorts of unlikely requests come their way. In just the past few weeks, this skilled HVAC professional had raked leaves, walked a customer’s dog, and helped rearrange living room furniture. Obviously not the typical furnace repairman’s daily work.

The employee was also happy to share the backstory. It’s a policy that’s been in place for years and has recently become a process-driven focal point. This means that service people record their Honey-do activities as part of their service report on every single appointment.

Of course it means each house call takes a little longer, and that even when the employee probably feels like getting to the next appointment, there’s an understanding that providing an exceptional level of service is the expectation.

At Gravie we aspire to the same kind of remarkable service in helping both employers and employees make better choices for health insurance. Sometimes this means an in-depth, non-sugarcoated analysis of a group plan versus Gravie for employers. This also means our advisors dive into plan details to help an individual make the best plan choice for their family, including preferred clinics or doctors, prescription coverage, and much more.

Experiences like my own with Uptown Heating and Cooling make me proud to know the company I work for also goes above and beyond the standard protocol. We feel inspired by companies like these to keep doing what we’re doing.