Deflating Health Insurance Costs (not footballs)


On Sunday, October 18, the Gravie team suited up for the Colts tailgate to meet some fans and toss out some (slightly underinflated) footballs. 


While it was fun to hang out with Colts fans and get the word out about Gravie, we also noticed a few parallels between the game and what’s happening with health insurance right now:

  1. Keeping up with the rules is a challenge
    Just like the NFL seems to change things like instant replay every season, health insurance rules have changed. The Affordable Care Act, taxes, penalties, and other rules can make it tough for employers to focus on what matters: their business. Many leaders are learning it’s better to let a service like Gravie handle all the compliance and regulatory issues and let you focus on running your key plays.

  2. Health coverage for your “players” can help you compete
    It’s no secret that people are the heart, soul, and competitive advantage for any business. Studies have shown that employees care as much about health benefits as their salary. Is your health plan helping you attract and retain an all-pro team? If not, it’s time to look into how you can make it better.

  3. The season is here – make it count
    Waiting to hear from your current carrier about next year’s rates can be nerve wracking. Will it feel like an all-out blitz again this year? An easy way to keep yourself out of harm’s way is to use Gravie to set defined costs for your employees. That way you’re in control every year, no matter what rates line up across the field.

If you’re interested in seeing what your cost scoreboard could look like with a change to Gravie, contact us today. The average saving is 36% for employers, often combined with better plans for employees. Talk about a win/win!