Customer Case Study: NordicClick Interactive


With Gravie, employers save valuable time on benefits administration—time that can be put back into the business.

Before making the switch from a traditional group plan to Gravie, Jeff Nordeen, co-founder and partner at NordicClick, didn’t realize how much time he had been spending on benefits administration. Time that could have been better spent doing what he does best—running a growing digital marketing agency. “Handling all that myself was a burden I hadn’t realized I’d taken on,” said Jeff. In addition to freeing up valuable time, switching to Gravie saved the company money and, more importantly, helped them control costs.

With Gravie’s defined contribution approach, businesses set their own benefits budget so they know exactly how much they will be spending on their employees’ health insurance. According to Jeff, Gravie has made it possible for NordicClick to “future proof” their health benefits, meaning as rates change, they can continue to offer great health benefits at a cost they can afford.

“When I think of traditional health insurance, rate increases always come up. With Gravie’s approach, we’re able to define exactly what we want to spend.” – Jeff Nordeen

While Jeff and the other NordicClick senior executives were pleased with reduced administrative hassle and cost savings, their 20 employees were also happy about the switch to better insurance and a more personalized benefits experience. Prior to Gravie, NordicClick employees had access to only one plan. With Gravie, they get to choose from 10. Of the available options, NordicClick employees chose five unique plans that best fit their health needs, lifestyle, and budget, and “that’s a really cool benefit,” said Jeff.

Partnering with Gravie has helped NordicClick:

  • Save valuable time by getting out of the hassle of  benefits administration
  • Save money and control costs
  • Provide employees with better health insurance and more plan options

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