Customer Case Study: Craft & Crew Hospitality

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In an industry where health benefits aren’t typically offered, Gravie makes it easy and affordable.

Craft & Crew Hospitality has been partnering with Gravie for employee health benefits since 2015. The Twin Cities-based group runs five restaurants, a food truck, and consists of a whole lot of passionate employees.

Before Gravie, Craft & Crew didn’t have a clear system in place for providing their 113 employees health insurance. They tried a stipend approach, but it became difficult to administer and track. Partnering with Gravie alleviated a lot of the administrative burden and compliance concerns, and saved the company money. Craft & Crew’s Director of Operations, Luke Derheim, couldn’t be happier. “Gravie has definitely made our lives easier,” Luke said.

“Gravie has saved our company money, time, and headaches” – Luke Derheim

In addition to streamlining their employee benefits process and saving the business time and money, Craft & Crew’s partnership with Gravie has made it possible to provide employees access to better, more affordable health insurance. Offering health benefits in the restaurant industry is a rare occurrence—one that can help recruit and retain employees and promote a healthier work-life balance. Plus, fundamentally, Craft & Crew believes, “It’s the right thing to do.” “We’re so thankful to have a partner that really values our employees just as much as we do,” Derheim said.

Partnering with Gravie has helped Craft & Crew:

  • Streamline employee benefits, saving time and reducing administrative hassle
  • Stick to a benefits budget and save money
  • Offer a benefits package that supports recruitment and retention in an industry with high turnover.

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