Bringing Back Empathy, With Gravie Care

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Samantha Berger is a licensed advisor at Gravie. She is passionate about her role as it allows her to help others make sense of insurance. She takes pride in being able to concisely explain things so people fully understand and can make informed decisions. When she’s not working Samantha likes to… well, truth be told, she just loves to work, especially at Gravie! But outside of work she can either be found playing hockey (as the only girl on the ice in men’s leagues), in the gym, or reading a behavioral economics book.

I’m 24 years old.

That’s right everyone; a narcissistic-selfie-taking-wants-a-trophy-for-everything-snowflake Millennial. What’s more, when you call Gravie there’s a good chance you might end up on the phone with one of us! With all the negative generalizations circulating about Millennials, it’s easy to think there is a lot wrong with this generation. But if there’s one perception I want to refute, it’s the alleged lack of empathy in all Millennials. There’s even a diagnosis now; EDD, empathy deficit disorder. But if we really are all snowflakes then let’s apply this same way of thinking to the lack of empathy theory – if each snowflake is different from every other snowflake, then not every Millennial has a lack of empathy. Especially not at Gravie.

Gravie Care – Offering an understanding ear and helping hand

Simply put, there is nothing more important and personal than your health. With this understanding, I see my role as a licensed advisor as more than just customer service. To be honest, the words “customer service” make me cringe. Sure, we are providing a service, but Gravie Care goes beyond a cheery voice, decently pleasant hold music, and answering your questions. It goes beyond filling out applications and helping you through enrollment. It even goes beyond calling MNsure or the health insurance carriers on your behalf. At Gravie, we understand choosing the right health benefits can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. We understand it might feel uncomfortable to share very personal information, like the doctors you go to or the prescriptions you take. We understand that we all have different medical needs but no matter what yours are, our main goal is to help you pick the plans that are best for you, while making the process as easy as possible. We strive to not just listen to your needs, but to hear them and to always be patient.

Gravie has a couple key aspects that set us apart from the rest:

  • There is no maximum or target call time – we will stay on the phone with you for as long as you need to be sure you are always taken care of.
  • We are allowed to have honest conversations with you and even speak about our own personal experiences and lives – we’re real people after all, not robots that use scripts.
  • Unlike other insurance companies, the advisor team is never told what the monetary value of any plan is to the company, which allows us to give honest advice as to which plan we think would be best for

Turning the me-generation into the we-generation

As you can see, Gravie is a pretty cool place to work. But true job satisfaction doesn’t solely come from liking the company you work for. It comes from the work you do. True job satisfaction comes from contributing to the well-being of others, knowing you helped make a positive difference in someone’s life, and serving a purpose. We don’t have control over plan rates or which plans are offered in different zip codes, but knowing we help members understand their options, help them pick the plan that best meets their needs, and ultimately save them time and money, makes it all worth it. Now, ask yourself this; does that sound like a narcissistic-selfie-taking-wants-a-trophy-for-everything-snowflake Millennial to you?

Are you a Gravie member who wants more personalized help dealing with your benefits? You’re in luck! Each member who signs up with Gravie also gets Gravie Care. Gravie Care gives you free, year-round access to the Gravie advisors who can help you with any question, big or small. Call the advisors at 800.501.2920 or email to start taking advantage of your Gravie Care benefits.