2021 Health Benefits: Get Smart About Controlling Costs Without Leaving Employees Exposed


Financial Executives International published an article written by Gravie’s CEO, Marek Ciolko. In this article, you’ll learn about the alternative solutions on the market that can help employers think outside the box when it comes to their spend and how they offer their employees health benefits.

“In the midst of an economic downturn that no one could have predicted, the effects of COVID-19 have all of us looking to tighten our spending and get smart about how we manage costs. Ironically, one of the most impactful cost levers available to employers is employee health benefits. Health benefits are often one of companies’ biggest expenses, often second only to employee salaries – higher than rent, equipment and others. Decision-makers find themselves at a crossroads – wanting to do well by their employees as we face a global pandemic that threatens our wellbeing (not to mention retain high-quality talent), while navigating the reality of a potential recession and determining what spending to prioritize and where to tighten and reduce costs.”

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